Name: Miyavi ~MYV~
 Born: September-14-1981
 Occupation: Vocal, Guitar
 Current Band: S.K.I.N

 Favorite Color: Pink



Miyavi (born September 14, 1981, in Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese rock guitarist, currently known for his solo work and his role as guitarist in supergroup Skin. He is also the former guitarist for Dué le quartz, which disbanded in 2002, and was credited under the name Miyabi (). Upon Dué le Quartz's dissolution, Miyabi announced that he was going to initiate a solo career and changed his name to Miyavi, releasing his debut album Gagaku soon after. He later signed a contract with PS Company, and eventually with Universal Japan, becoming a major label artist.

In October 2004, Miyavi released his first major single Rock no gyakushū -Superstar no jōken- (ロックの逆襲-スーパースターの条件-) (under Universal Records Japan) and began to credit himself in the songwriting credits in his liner notes as "Myv". His first major album, Miyavizm, was released in June 2005.




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