Dir en grey was preceded by the independent band La:Sadie's which included four of Dir en grey's later members before it disbanded.[citation needed] After parting ways with La:Sadie's bassist Kisaki, Kyo, Kaoru, Die and Shinya along with newly recruited bassist Toshiya regrouped as a new band on February 2, 1997and released a first EP, Missa, a few months later. According to guitarist Kaoru, the name "Dir en grey" was chosen because it "sounded right," and is comprised of words from several languages, so that people would not be able to attach a specific meaning to it other than the band's name itself.






 Name: Kyo
 Occupation: Vocal, Songwriter, Producer, Poet
 Age: 32
 Born: February-16- 1976

 Name: Shinya
 Occupation: Drums
 Age: 30
 Born: February-24- 1978

 Name: Kaoru
 Occupation: Guitar
 Age: 34
 Born: February-17- 1974

 Name: Die
 Occupation: Guitar
 Age: 33
 Born: December-20- 1974

 Name: Toshiya
 Occupation: Bass
 Age: 31
 Born: March-31- 1977

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